It may seem simple on the outside but there is far more to the art of spectacle dispensing than meets the eye.

What we offer:


Spectacles are considered an optical appliance and children’s faces should not be considered as “scaled down versions of adults”. Their facial contours are quite different from adults and, importantly, are still developing hence they require special frames that are designed for them, not just small adult ones. Selecting a frame for your child at Eyetek is a thorough process that covers:

·       Fit

·       Comfort & Durability

·       Frame material

·       Temple length and flexibility

·       Size (as not to hamper the natural development of the nose)

·       Pupillary & Optical Centre measurements

·       Aesthetic value

·       Strength & Safety

At Eyetek we take tremendous effort to source frames from local and global suppliers that suit every pocket but also to ensure that we provide our patients with the latest developments and researched designs in the children’s eyewear market.


Lens technology has evolved dramatically. At Eyetek we work with a variety of lens designs and materials and consider the child’s visual needs and activities when prescribing the correct product. Lenses also have to be thin and light. Other factors to consider include:

·       Durability

·       Safety

·       Lens design

·       Lens thickness

·       Lens weight

·       Lens appearance (e.g. magnification or eye enlargement through lenses)

·       Lens measurements (for optimal lens size, thickness & appearance)

At Eyetek, our staff is well trained in lens fitting techniques as well as the ability to interpret and analyze the pediatric prescription for additional considerations.


At Eyetek, we understand that 2 pairs are often better than one when it comes to kids! We offer a 2nd set of specs as a backup at no charge for all kids under the age of 12.


At Eyetek, we are committed to providing ongoing follow-up service for your child’s spectacles.


At Eyetek we prescribe spectacles for perfect vision and visual comfort but also perfect adjustment, perfect optical results and cosmesis.

When other optometrists offer “FREE” spectacles for a chil, these spectacles frequently do not cover criteria outlined in this letter. The frames are chosen from a minimal range, limiting the child to size, fit and material. Free lenses are Single Vision only and are not thinned for patients with higher prescription and no safety features are offered as part of the “free package”. 

When it comes to purchasing an optical appliance such as spectacles for their child, we urge parents to consider the value and quality of "FREE" spectacles offered elsewhere.  

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