Kids learn at different paces. But if your child has been struggling with reading and writing for a while, what you’re seeing could be signs of dyslexia. 

This list details the symptoms of dyslexia from preschool to adulthood. 


- Delayed speech

- Chronic ear infections

- Stuttering

- Constant confusion of left vs right

- Difficulty in learning to tie shoes

- Trouble memorising their address, telephone number or the alphabet

- Can't create rhyming words

- Child has a close relative with dyslexia


- Slow, non-automatic handwriting that is difficult to read

- Letter and/or number reversals that continue past Grade 1

- Extreme difficulty learning cursive

- Slow, choppy, inaccurate reading

- Guesses words based on shape or context

- Skips or misreads words

- Trouble with sounding out unknown words

- Very poor spelling

- Trouble remembering sight words

- Difficulty with telling the time on an analog clock

- Trouble with memorising multiplication tables

- Difficulty with finding the correct word to say when speaking

- Dreads school, may have nightmares about school


All of the above symptoms as well as:

- Limited vocabulary

- Extremely poor written expression, large discrepancy between written and verbal compositions

- Struggling with 2nd language

- Poor results in many subjects


- Educational history similar to the list above

- Slow reader

- Poor understanding of written text, may have to read text 2-3 times

- Very poor spelling

- Difficulty putting thoughts on paper

- Often gets lost, even in a familiar city

- Sometimes confuses b and d, especially when tired or sick