Besides making sure our patients eyes are healthy and can see clearly, as developmental optometrists we are concerned with how efficiently our patients’ vision allows them to function.  In addition to providing a routine eye exam, our optometrists run many additional tests to determine if our patients have developed the visual skills they need to adequately perform tasks required in their daily lives, especially at work or school.

Our optometrists receive ongoing post-graduate training in the field of behavioral and pediatric optometry. We attend local and international courses to make sure that we practice optometry according to the latest international standards.

Our comprehensive vision examination is different and unique to each age group.


At Eyetek Optometrists we have the clinical expertise and equipment to assess infants. Babies should have their first eye examination by 6 months of age to ensure that everything is in place for normal development. For infants and toddlers we use tests that do not require any response from the baby or any knowledge of numbers or letters.



A vision exam is an art that includes a global evaluation of a child. During the preschool years from the ages of 3 to 6, children are fine-tuning focusing and eye-movement skills so that children can be ready to cope with the visual demands of the classroom in their near future. Having a functional eye exam before your child enters school allows enough time to identify and correct any vision problems that may interfere with learning.

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School Children

It is often assumed that children need only 20/20 vision, or vision clarity for learning. An important part schoolwork, which is often misunderstood and often overlooked, relates to visual comfort, visual skills and their competency.  At Eyetek we specialize in identifying any visual problems that might interfere with reading and the learning process.



We understand that our patients have unique lifestyles and work environments. We focus on vision, function and comfort when deciding on treatment options such as glasses, contact lenses or visual therapy.

We provide our patients with the ultimate in digital retinal and corneal photography and continually update and expand our range of eye testing equipment. In this way we can continue to provide our patients with the highest level of vision care, detecting, managing, and screening for a wide variety of eye conditions.